don’t you hate it when there are those characters in tv programmes that you know you’re not supposed to hate but you hate that character because he watches madmen without his fiancee and then cheats on his fiancee with her best friend.


I don’t even understand why band merch is so fricking fracking expensive. Like I’ve already sold you my sOUL AND MY SOCIAL LIFE AND MY EMOTIONAL STABILITY. I’VE DEDICATED MOST OF MY WAKING HOURS TO YOU WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT

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I love amanda abbington because


she’s a brilliant actress:

( picture not found due to not being able to pick which one to choose because god dam she’s to brilliant)

she’s an animal friend :image

she loves and cares for her fans: ( we love you to amanda ! <3)image

( also the many caring tweets to her lovely fans I again couldn’t…


*aggressively cares about you but doesn’t want to be clingy about it*

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